Its not just a brownface photo. The whole election is about race.

The Big Story


The photos of Justin Trudeau wearing brown apologies. It's the photos and video of Justin Trudeau wearing brown face makeup at various times is in the one thousand nine hundred ninety s and early two thousands are the biggest story in Canadian politics the biggest story in Canada. This is a story that broke on Wednesday it and it continues breaking as you listen to this podcast political shockwaves continue tonight after Liberal leader Justin Trudeau admitted to wearing black Alexis this morning video of Third Instance Service Wearing Brown faces an active open mockery and racist. What Canadian saw this evening is someone with a complete lack of judgment and someone who's not fit to govern this country. When I was growing up I fought racist I dealt with myself and I fought back but I got a message from a friend who reminded me that there's a lot of people out there that couldn't do that. I think that that's going to hurt. It's GonNa hurt them. On the nature of photo auto is that had it been a different candidate of the Liberal Party. Let me now saying you have to step down people who live with the kind of discrimination because of the color of their skin face regular basis and I didn't see that from the layers of privilege that I have ah for that. I am deeply sorry and I apologized. No doubt there are a lot of things being broken right now in the newsroom definition of the word and you know at a four because the past couple of days I've been horrible for millions of Canadians so if you want to know what's broken right now unquoted twitter if you want to understand what the conversation around this story reveals about the election about the Canadian media about partisan politics ticks and about the country that nobody wants to talk about but that we live in any way stay right here because here's the thing this election has always been about erase. It was about race since before. The writ was dropped about raceway before a first Brown face photo surfaced. It just had to become really league really obvious for a lot of us who don't deal with racism every day to understand that

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