Another Prominent Conversion Therapy Centre Founder Has Come Out as Gay

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Did you guys hear about the leader of the ex gay conversion therapy movement who came out as this gay last week and apologized other gay people for the lies and the army done was that Oh no no no not not Michael Busey and Gary Cooper those homos almost co-founded Exodus International Nineteen seventy-six for decades exodus with the world's largest ex gay ministry but just three years after co founding it boosting Cooper came out what is gay and got married well. They got commitment ceremony which was the best idea at the time and apologized other gay people harm they done and the lies that they told was that no no. I'm not talking about Alan Chambers either. He was the last guy to exodus international became the president of the organization in two thousand and one and then shut the thing down twenty thirteen at which point he apologized to the gay people who've been harmed by exodus and admitted the conversion therapy doesn't work chambers didn't come out as gay but he did describe himself at the time is not straight but I wasn't talking about him and I wasn't talking about John. Smith either who was the former director of love and action and other ministry that tried to convert Gable Industry People Smid came out in two thousand eleven married to dude move to Texas and I'm not talking about John. Paulk the founder of loved one out to gay conversion therapy the program run by the Anti Gay hate group is on the family he came out as gay or came out as gay again in two thousand thirteen and I'm not talking about Ben Grisham. Jeremy Marks are Tim Rimal Anthony Van Brown or guenter bomb. All leaders of conversion therapy programs who've come out admitted their programs are ineffective and harmful apologized to the gay community no the former ex gay leader. We are talking about this week. The most recent high profile inductee into the ranks of the ex ex gays also known as the gays is mccray game. The man who founded hope for wholeness back in Nineteen Ninety nine conversion therapy is not just a lie but it's very harmful game told the post and courier baby game should Google Chambers or Paulk or any of the others who came up for him and game went on to say harmful because it is false advertising false advertising not only doesn't conversion therapy work as has the leaders of this crackpot movement reminded every single time they rub one out but it does real harm. Buonarroti people the kind of people these groups prey on have been driven to suicide game pokes mid Marks Chambers Busey Cooper ex gay leaders coming out as gay should really be a dog bites man story at this point joint and yet somehow it isn't people are still shocked shocked to learn that a man who dedicated his life to talking other people out of being gay was released secretly trying to talk himself out of it the whole time protect. Anyone tries to talk. You ought to be engaged actually trying to talk himself out of being gay and not having anymore success with himself that he's having with you but this just in the Washington Post reports that the ex gay Christianity movement is making a comeback. Some prominent Christians are quietly lightly trying to resurrect ex gay Christianity and the new incarnation is hip her and perhaps more evolved yet beneath the cosmetic tweaks sits the same message that has damaged inched many lives over many decades. You see the new X. Gay Movement isn't about being gay. It's not about converting anyone from homosexuality heterosexuality SWALEC. They've tried that and failed again and again and no one is buying that any more so they're evolving away from that the old ex gay movement put up billboards that said changes possible the ex gay movement according to The Washington Post has a new message changes possible and necessary Surrey but they're not going to try to make you straight the new ex gay movement isn't GonNa make you miserable by forcing you to pretend you're straight and happy about it. No the new next game movement is GONNA. Make you miserable by making you celebrate which they call leaving the lifestyle

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