A Review of 'It: Chapter 2'


Today. We're discussing. Sometimes it comes back for you where it's more boring name it. Chapter Two starring Jessica chastain James mcevoy Bill Hater Isaiah Mustafa Jay Ryan James Ran Soon Andy Bear. Some of these people have to just be happy their names on a poster oester. I mean who the hell some of these guys the old spice guy because his name above the title and Bill Skarsgard as pennywise directed by a Andy Machete this is Arnie Coz now playing and the fun is just beginning Ed Stewart and this is the host who still insists he sees the ghost Jacob it aftermath aftermath wow as Stephen King Fan as somebody really into Stephen King around the time this came out of you. Remember dark tower came out right before this. I was actually buying a couple of Stephen King Trotsky to go on my bookshelf with all my Stephen King Books. They're made like a Jack torrens action figuring things and I'm like you know they don't make too much of this so I'll get a couple of these and put them up there. It exploded merchandising for every Stephen King thing. There's a hot wheels Christine. There are more pennywise figures that I can count what I'm not kidding. Wow Yeah so ooh many pennywise toys of all price points this has opened a floodgate on Stephen King that has never been opened before merchandising him to the Gen xers. I think so what does that mean. I mean we all know what merchandise meant and fanning the love of Star Wars. What would it mean to hold a bobblehead. Ah pennywise Ernie called GEN-X. You GotTa Buy Your Co.. POPs gets by stuff by toys by Chachis of stuff you like and Stephen King's. The big caught thing now so let's just how the market is. Is it selling yeah okay. I mean I didn't buy any of it. The moment you know what I liked about it when it was niche and there was like two things I loved it when every week. I'm getting an email this new pennywise doll for two hundred dollars. I'm like fuck it pennywise varian Syrian funk. Oh pops are there. Oh my God so many long tongue pennywise bloody pennywise smiling pennywise frowning penny wise spider pennywise okay this kind. It helps me understand why you were so into skarsgard. They've really been able to magnify what was a very small part of the film really wasn't in that many scenes and by my impression Russian he was only good in about half of them so how he has lived on in the minds of the viewer is through merchandise he made an impression he scarred us and and now two years later he's coming back to finish the job yeah and again. I'd equate to a Freddy Kruger. I'd think it's the closest thing we've had to a horror icon. In a long time and Freddie never had that much screen time it was people talking about Freddie and Robert Englund Cameo films. You know so and I think merchandising we've made every Jason we've made every Friday. Oh my God pennywise we have something new to sell but the highest grossing nightmare on Elm Street movie wouldn't begin to touch the gross of of this fill it goes well beyond the reach of a horror audience. I mean this. There were people in my neighborhood I walk my dog and churchgoing folk who I would never suspect suspect to have opened a cover of Stephen King said. Oh it's coming out soon people. I would not imagine demographics that do not see any other horror. Film are are coming out this weekend and why the impression I got was they really loved the kits. Yeah I think that I it was huge and almost every viewing was sold allow. When I went to go see this Friday night theaters packed yeah you can keep going on about penny wise and I think you're right for a certain level of people that loves horror ICONOGRAPHY. That's a thing thing but I feel like in mass. The reason why this is so beloved because it goes those children were so good and it connected to childhood so well and that's the struggle of chapter or two. I know that the kids are coming back in some role but the torch is being passed. It will now be for new actors. That didn't even have the job when the first movie he came out. What's funny is before it chapter one came out the sequel was in pre production. You know the studio knew what they had right and so when they were you're doing pre release interviews with the cast they asked the young kids who would you like to play you and Young Beverly said Jessica chastain and that kind of makes sense I mean chastain had had worked with Michetti before and I mean how many red headed actress sent me as I mean. It's either her Dallas Broward Sophie Turner from X. Expend Dark Phoenix twenty seven years later. That's great highlight store here. Maybe and then Wolford said Bill Hater. Those actually happened yeah yeah. I don't know how much they had already envisioned for chapter to win. Two years ago it blew up. They had talked about it. The whole way through one is what it was. They kept saying if we do a two. Let's leave this hook here. Let's leave this here. Let's leave this vague enough here. They knew if the movie was successful while filming part one in sixteen. If this did well we would want to bring the kids back would want to have some flashbacks but we're gonNA focus mostly on the adults and they had vague the ideas but they did never script yeah they knew the parts of the book they had left behind and so that was a lot of material is a big ass book. They could make lots of movies out of what was remaining remaining of that but they didn't have a script. They didn't have a cast again. It wasn't called Chapter One. They shape the experience as total you could just watch that movie the and be done and that was the studio's. Choice Warner Brothers did that the makers want to call it the losers club so that it had a hook there for a second one and and I think the compromise was chapter one at the end credits. I stand by that. I think that movie does work as a standalone if it had bombed and we never got chapter two I think that would still be a satisfying the movie as far as the art goes and I appreciate that I like it when movies tell a story instead of teas another film to come out at some other point I also think I think that there is a lot of ret conning done in the film. We're here to talk about today. Oh yeah they didn't create a first chapter that set up a lot of things they're we're going to do in this film. That's why there's so many flashbacks yeah they had to correct it by bringing the kids back and they did d. h. them with CGI because kids at that age you know two three years later look very different. I noticed height differences. I noticed like some who were shorter than beverly in part one out taller than beverly only in part to but they made the faces look younger yeah. I noticed that at times. They look a little bit plastics. Oh okay that makes sense because they D- aged Regata de age. These teenage kids not only like that but I noticed some of the lip sync work. That ain't his voice. You know your voice changes to three years later. They can't say the lines like they would've in the summer of one thousand nine hundred nine so oh yeah you just get people that kinda sound like them but are not them. Jack Dillon Grazer was the one who looked most distracting to me like for some reason his face just look blake an old man made into a child and but this is expected to be huge based off the first one I mean the first one broke records chapter. Two is breaking a record. It's the Whitest ever released for an R rated film with over forty five hundred screens in the US alone and they were saying hundred ten million two hundred twenty million this weekend. It's already falling short of expectations though it is it made less in preview screenings than the first film. It's estimated now. It's going to make less over the weekend than the first film. What did the first film do. The first film got one hundred thirty five million the first weekend. I guess I didn't see that opening weekend side there. Wasn't the big crowd. I didn't realize I was so big right away. I thought that kind of had a slow burn so it's looking like this will be perhaps second-biggest and they're now readjusting estimates down to ninety ninety million. Maybe as low as eighty million compared to one hundred thirty five million for the sequel. I gotta think some of it is you don't see kids and is not an eighties period piece. The nostalgia culture isn't there to draw in the big audiences. I know when I saw it chapter one opening weekend. Neri empty seat in the house. When I saw this opening night it was about a two thirds full on the APP but a lot of people didn't show up like all the seats around me were Phil on the APP and people just didn't come. I think that's the result of that. AMC stubs premier as you can buy tickets for no money so you reserve seats and like I'm decided not to go interesting house in the same screening as you Arnie for Thursday I max we didn't see each other until after after it was all over with but I did also go back and saw matinee on Friday. There was almost nobody there so I have not had the experience that this is something the masses asses are turning out to but the numbers are saying something different even at one hundred million if that's less than expected. That's an amazing opening. That's huge yeah for an R rated Orville. Matt is amazing and like I said packed when I saw it. I do wonder when the reviews started coming out and I always avoid reuse but you always see headlines in that. There were some concerns turns and I wonder if that scares some people away like they were not buzzing like with chapter one. I didn't hear anything I didn't see any reviews before going in but this movie cost cost twice as much as the first one bigger actors in it so if it makes less this one costs seventy million dollars they had budget built in for de aging kids and they had named named actors who we know and some of whom need to redeem themselves from an earlier x men film this summer and needs a show they still can do good budget built in so they didn't have that crap. Raffia from the TV series and it's also longer they can't screen it as many times in a day because it adds. It feels like another hour. It's not quite that it's more more like forty five minutes but still it's two hours fifty minutes. It's almost three hours. We're talking to vendors level length here well. The first chapter one was also over two two hours but this goes beyond that by at least forty minutes so again for lots of reasons. If you know the book and hold the opinion I do the best stuff.

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