As Dorian looms, Florida's Space Coast braces for possible unprecedented impact


Trump has cancelled his trip to poland because of the threat posed by hurricane dorian. The storm is now on track to hit florida as a major category for after sideswiping puerto rico and damaging parts of the u._s. Virgin islands floridians are scrambling to get ready lines snake snake around gas stations and stores in south florida. Let's go to c. n. N. meteorologist. Tom sater tom how much the florida coast could get hit well. It could be the whole coast. I mean really dan. It could be the carolinas. It could be the keys into the golf. I mean this has been a fickle storm. You ask about five days ago if we would be talking about a category category four meteorologists say no way but it's where we are this is the acorn that will become the great oak tree and if you look at the cone of uncertainty it's all a florida and it extends into the gulf so please do not believe that when you see the track moving and the hitting one location that that's where this is going to hit. I mean winds right now. Eighty eighty five. I wouldn't be surprised this gets up to one hundred and fifty hundred and fifty five by the time it gets closer to the u._s. And dorian is as you're showing their over wide open warm water. Could it get even stronger because of that before making landfall absolutely in fact <hes> not a big surprise from yesterday but one of the changes was when you looked at the track we had it at a category to which should be later today that category three three and three at landfall not a surprise to see it. Go up to a category four and mainly the reason as it's got open open space. The smallest storm is gonna get larger but you go from temperatures in the water in the mid eighties to the upper eighties and that's at gulfstream so easily you can have a just an eruption of st right and and real quick any chance for good news here that dorian could weekend or make a sharp turn and go into the ocean the european model here in yellow. This is the u._s. Model really slowed things down today a little bit of a surprise anytime these storms slowdown. It's anybody's guess. The american model has just south of cape canaveral in fort pierce and here's a european down by nassau bahamas this changing constantly even within the same model so again. We've got to watch this each and every hour we've got several days a lot's lot's gonna change. Most likely that was models. Look a whole lot better for the state of florida. Tom sater thank you so much for

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