Teens named as suspects in Canada murders


Hello this is our case out of Canada from well left from from missing two murder suspects Canadian police say two young man's thought missing or now suspect in the murders of an Australian and his American girl friend as well as another man found dead in northern British Columbia the royal mounted police said on Tuesday they were searching for the teens whose burning car had been discovered not far away they found a body investigators have also been able to confirm that camera cloud and briars Miguel ski have left British Columbia and have been spotted in northern Saskatchewan we believe that they're likely continuing to travel so we don't have a possible destination we can now confirm that they were last seen driving a gray two thousand eleven Toyota Rav four given these latest developments Kaman Briar are no longer considered missing the RCMP are now considering camel cloud and briars Makowski as suspects in the dis lake suspicious death and the double homicide of looks Fowler and China these were asking for the public if you spot prior or cam consider them dangerous do not approach take no action and call immediately nine one one in order to assist our efforts to locate these two men we're releasing new images taken recently camera cloud is described as six foot four similarly a hundred and sixty nine pounds with dark hair and facial hair he has brown eyes briars Miguel ski is described as six foot four three hundred and sixty nine pounds with

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