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And of course if moderate vote becomes splintered because Biden does not perform well that says not not necessarily benefit moderates because that could become somewhat splintered in unclear directions and if they all share because to me on the stage next I mean the same before benefits. I don't does it benefit. People like Elizabeth Warren who are competing for moderate vote in general I mean warriner Bernie would benefit a lot from a moderate alternative to biden emerging and lowering him from even though there aren't lanes till so complicated but like lowering from you know bullock gets five percent and five percent comes mostly out of Biden than lowering him from thirty to twenty seven sets a easier bar to clear so this'll kind of what you're getting at before though if Club H._r. had bullock's debate just because she's got a little bit more org argument. She has some endorsements she has money. She's pulling it to instead of 0.2 then that would be interesting right and she might be the story bench also at least checks one box from an identity perspective in the sense that there is a significant portion of the Democratic Party that would be excited to nominate somebody who is not a white male so if she had a strong debate could take up the moderate mantle has the electability thing that could be a case coming out of tonight but of course the reality is that she did not have bullock or Delaney's debate so the question is who benefits from moderations punch back. I mean I guess I can see the kind of high tech that was the debate for Biden but talking to be outweighed by an order of magnitude by effective. Badgley is in the debate tomorrow night right out if he's really bad then maybe book was good enough for some money to get behind him. Some of that kind of I don't know he was populous. Maybe some some of the kind of Corporate Wall Street Hedge Fund Hamptons California money but again. That's if he's really bad. It'd be a much bigger problem for for Biden like we were saying if club Char Kinda even know what Lane Beto is running in Buda chat show I think is someone who has raised a lot of money in his viable viable in the sense is going to be taking on for a long time and so if he had kind of made them more forceful argument that would make kind of moderate voters more comfortable with him. I mean he's someone who I think needs to show like a wider repertoire of tactics in these debates. We've talked about Marianne. Williamson haven't talked about Marianne Williamson Man Williamson. If if we're GonNa talk about winners which you did very briefly at the top and I think you mentioned Marianne Williamson. You can go back rewind and check to make sure there were clear points on the night night where she delivered her arguments well in fact when she was talking about money and politics for example. She made a pretty clear argument there. I've gone back and listen to lots of interviews. All of the candidates have done and Marianne Williamson talks a lot about money and politics in a lot of the interviews that she does that didn't come out of nowhere although she maybe a self help. Guru is versed in some of these topics also including race for example so do voters see her as being someone who was a serious candidate for president as opposed to an an interesting presence was very well versed on some issues might take is that if Mitt Romney were President Democrats would be more more willing to choose an outsider with no political experience given the outsider with no political Democrats economists who don't like trump time a lot of democrats want the opposite now anyway. A lot

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