Refugees And Dealing With Them Fleeing Libya To Europe


Least forty refugees and migrants are feared dead. After a boat carrying dozens of people across the mediterranean sea on route to europe europe capsized tuesday morning off the coast of libya according to the libyan coast guard some sixty five migrants and refugees mostly from sudan were rescued with the help of local fishermen the associated press reported at least five people were confirmed dead including women and child from morocco whose bodies were recovered near the western town of homes seventy five five miles east of tripoli with tuesday's tragedy the number of migrants and refugees who've lost their lives in the mediterranean in two thousand nineteen is it's up to nine hundred just last month about one hundred fifty people including children mostly from africa drowned off the coast of libya in a separate shipwreck brek according to the un high commissioner for refugees rescue operations for the latest migrants shipwreck continued to be underway the final death toll may be even higher this latest this disaster comes as far right european leaders like the italian deputy prime minister and minister of the interior matteo salvini continue to criminalize refugees and migrants this as well as humanitarian aid workers who often lead search and rescue missions in the atlantic in the mediterranean this june police in italy arrested corolla rakhat the thirty one year old german captain of the sea watch rescue ship after vessel collided with an italian border police boat when she attempted to docket and italian alley in port and in two thousand seventeen pia clamp also a member of c watch was arrested at the same port and charged with assisting so-called illegal immigration clamps currently awaiting trial and faces up to twenty years in prison if convicted for more we go to geneva where we're joined by charlie oxley u. N. high commissioner for refugees jeez global spokesperson for mixed migration mediterranean and africa welcome to democracy now charlie actually can you explain what just happened this latest shipwreck shipwreck and what the casualties are well once again we morning yet another the tragic incident resulting from people trying to flee the war and violence <hes> in libya. The rescue operation is still underway a but what we understand from our teams who are there on the ground speaking with survivors a boat left in the early hours of yesterday morning very soon came into distress appears the forty people who have now drowned on the mediterranean and and this is just the latest and a series of drownings people taking these similar similar journeys to this one each time we do see a outpouring of public sympathy empathy expressed from all corners but we're calling now for those sentiments to be translated into meaningful action u._n._h. This house proposed a way forward. There's a number of ways we can improve search and rescue capacity at sea and get refugees libya so they don't take these boats in the first place but this situation cannot continue as is so explain who was in this ship before and it <hes> before before the shipwreck and explain why they couldn't get to land this group <hes> it's very similar to the kinda groups. We often see departing from libya. It's a mixed group of people of refugees and migrants around a third from refugee producing country so in the east and west of africa we currently have more than fifteen unresolved conflicts insecurity in different areas and particularly in places like a retriever aaron and somalia and sudan in in the east. Mali and burkina faso's in the west people. They're fleeing ongoing fighting by armed groups and are in need of refugee protection at the same time we do see secondary movement from countries neighboring those countries because their asylum silence systems are in need of strengthening and then needs to be strategic development assistance when people don't feel safe and feel they're able to make the most of economic opportunities that will allow them in their families to survive we see a rising trend of people putting their hands in that lives in the hands of smugglers and traffickers who commit a range of human rights abuses and they're responsible for putting people in these flimsy and uh unseaworthy boats that have often little hope of reaching dry land unattached court ruled two weeks ago that the spanish humanitarian ship open arms which choose waiting off the italian island of lampedusa carrying nearly one hundred fifty rescued migrants and refugees should be allowed to dock in italy. This was in defiance of a ban by italy's as far right interior minister and deputy prime minister matteo salvini in a statement issued by his office savini said quote. I continue and we'll continue denied landing to those those who claim to bring illegal immigrants always and only in italy savino also said he'll continue to defend italy's borders and say quote no to disembarking. Can you talk about the significance what this means for migrants that say this is different legal and logistical restrictions being placed on them mm-hmm therefore needs to be acknowledged and supported and not criminalized no stigmatize there are suggestions by some that these ngos <hes> collaborate with smugglers aid illegal migration but we see no evidence for that at different times teams in the last year there have been no ngo boats operating search and rescue on the central mediterranean and yet actually the average number of departures has increased when we look more closely at the situation it becomes clear that it's the push factors that people leaving behind line the wall violence and human rights abuses the escalating violence in libya since april has a much bigger motivating factor than any any kind of potential pull factor of the presence of ngo booze pant clamp. The german captain of a refugee rescue ship who now faces is prison time in italy after rescuing hundreds of refugees in the mediterranean has refused to accept award given her in july on behalf of the city of paris paris clump wrote on facebook last week that paris mayor hidalgo and the city of paris pope one award a medal for my solid darrien action in the mediterranean sea because our crews worked to rescue migrants from difficult conditions on a daily basis at the same time. You're police are stealing blankets from people. Oh you forced to live on the streets while you raid protests and criminalize people that are standing up for rights of migrants and asylum seekers clem said she was awarded the grandville metal last month alongside caroline raquet. <hes> fellow member of the refugee rescue organization see watch two years ago. Oh clemson ship was seized by authorities in italian port and choose eventually church with assisting so-called illegal immigration. She's currently awaiting trial facing up to twenty years in prison if convicted charlie actually if you could comment on the stakes for people who are trying to help those who might diet see and are well. I think the frustrations frustration sees expresses. The <hes> understandable i mean ngop boats are picking up people who are in a desperate state. That's be clear people. Don't take these boat vote journeys. They are aware that these journeys could often be fatal and nobody puts their own lives and the lives of their families at risk in that way unless they feel the better off on the water on the land so when ngos pick the pick people up in rescued him in the see. They're all well. Dean is not then over there then stranded at sea for days on end while states have often engaged in political back and forth trying to see who can most shift responsibility onto others. I think what's needed now is for the toxicity in the political michael debate to be removed and more objective perspective to come in here. The number of arrivals reaching european shows are really down significantly -nificant. We're no longer in a situation like we saw in twenty fourteen in the immediate years that followed where we saw incredibly high numbers way back to pre-crisis levels but yet deaths remained broadly the same <hes> so we're no longer in a crisis of arrivals here we're in a crisis of deaths in and that needs to be some soul searching about whether european willing to engage with people who are seeking asylum on their doorstep sta. You have said one in six or one in seven people die at sea. Can you explain where they are dying. What what is the route. They're taking and talk about why libya is such a critical place for them and where they're coming from

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