Dodgers’ Justin Turner appeals one-game suspension for making contact with umpire


Turner is fighting back. He apparently is appealing his one one game suspension for making contact with umpire demogra- to ever make an make contact with the <hes> with an official on purpose not on purpose wink. Thank you know if you get caught in the polly. You get caught in the bible. No never never shouted things that you know oh yeah. That's like comments. Senators talked about. I mean look guys looking right at me. I'm being held and he doesn't make the call right. Of course i'm going to be upset stealing from me. What exactly yeah you you know. I had one guy that told me when i was a rookie. You didn't earn that yet rook and that one so that set me off and the other one was well. He didn't hold you long enough off. What the hell does that mean yeah. He didn't hold me long enough holding his holding <hes> make the call yeah yeah. It's just interesting. I mean i guess if you're turner you bump rob drake and you're like all right whatever it doesn't hurt you to to appeal it right you get what's the worst thing can happen. They say no don't get suspended for a game there. They're sitting there resting him today. He's not he's not. This is not this suspension. He's not in the lineup round but this was a planned day of rest other resting or arresting no wrestling. I saw sports that would that would be yeah. That would be a different thing but it's funny because the headline in the l._a. Times dodger slump gets. It's worse as they let wins. Laundries come on. I mean we're scratching. That's a headline you crazy cares. Dodger slump gets worse as they let method yeah. That is absurd sorry l._a. Times what's what's their last ten games. They're win-loss ten who cares they're up by thousand but if you lose lose nine of your last ten considerable slump yes for what you're doing there is you're a racing the context that is actually the job of us to provide in this. That's the that's the whole reason they lost angel rodriguez boy over there at the time yeah if so if you so one nine of ten to three to the yankees and then they just lost one game of the padres and in the context in five in the last ten their season has been is being five five hundred a quote slump i mean i just find that to be absurd. How many games they apply now yeah fifteen they are up twenty game okay and the division the division so you're still slump being twenty da top two games in september a couple years ago angel rodriguez everybody who retiree who was the sports editor of the l._a.

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