Autonomous helicopter joins its rover buddy for Mars 2020 mission



A mars helicopter so this thing it's a very small quad copter think of it is <hes> what else toy drones you could buy from amazon for kinda cheap but this isn't very cheap and it's not very small. It's about the size is of a shoebox with the rotors about <hes> about four feet wide and this helicopter is not mission critical go so they just attached this to the belly of the mars rover in the high one cleanroom at jet propulsion propulsion laboratory in pasadena california sing is solar powered and it has the mars helicopter delivery system which which will deliver well deliver the the helicopter to mars and also that's what helps it launch and <hes> <hes> shields it from debris during entry descent and landing the helicopter will remain encapsulated in the mars helicopter the delivery system after landing deploying to the surface once a suitable area conduct test flights is found in the crater where they land now. It's a very high risk high reward technology demonstration. If this helicopter encounters difficulties difficulties the science of the mars twenty twenty mission won't be impacted but if the helicopter is successful and if it takes flight is designed the future missions to mars could possibly have other quad captors other drone copters. Yes that could deploy when they get there so <hes> spokesman from g._p._l. Said our job is to. I prefer to prove that autonomous controlled flight can be executed in the extremely thin martian atmosphere since our helicopter is designed as a flight test of experimental technology carries no science instruments but if he proved powered flight on mars can work we look forward to the day when mars helicopters aw can play an important role in future explorations of the red planet. Mars is big world and there's lots of geography on mars. There's cliffs caves in deep craters that a rover just can't get too and that's why something like a helicopter like a quad copter is very important to the future missions on the red planet. They can act as scouts. They can film inside caves. They can film inside craters. That could take pictures. They could take amazing photos of things that we would never be able to see if we were just relying on rovers and nasa intends to establish a sustained human presence on the moon through there nasa artemis miss lunar exploration missions and they could possibly use <hes> quite captors on the moon as well so <hes> jim breitenstein nastase administrator said the rate brothers flew the first plane kitty hawk north carolina but they built it in dayton and the mars helicopter destined to be the first aircraft to fly in another world was built in pasadena california join now to the twenty twenty rover. It is yet another example of how nasa artemis generation is expanding humanities reach in our solar system with this joining of two grace spacecraft. I can say definitively. I believe that all the pieces are in place for historic mission of exploration together mars twenty twenty and the mars helicopter will help define the future of science and exploration of the red planet for decades to come mars twenty twenty with the helicopter on board will launch an a u._c._l._a. Atlas five rocket in in july of twenty twenty from space launch complex forty one it cape canaveral air force station in florida in it'll land on mars <music> on february eighteenth of twenty twenty one the rover will be the first space craft and the history of planetary exploration with the ability to accurately re target its point if touchdown during the landing sequence and this new helicopter the mars twenty twenty helicopter it could possibly return so amazing results showing that we can fly a helicopter on another world and if that's the case. There's going to be a lot of saying. It's happening with a lot more helicopters in the future

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