Did the Raiders contact Antonio Brown's agent before Brown apologized?


Something i wanted to get to the bottom of was did the raiders in fact contact. Rosenhaus awesome tonio brown's agent. I've seen this kind of float around but i'm not sure that this is what happens i wanted to see if either of you know <hes> if he was contacted before we're antonio brown's apology on friday and told that the guaranteed money and his contract would be voided as it was at that point so at that point basically antonio only lebron's going in apologizing knowing that the thirty million is a hit is that something that we know was already told to him before the apology or i don't i think to <hes> the bottom line on that is that they didn't have to i mean he knows as well as anybody once they imposed that discipline. They have the right to go after it so i mean i think he's smart enough to know without having that conversation that that was what they were angling for. It was clear we talked about <hes> when we first saw these letters on wednesday basically all those letters. There's are is is a legal paper trail down the road to say here's what happened. We had we had these issues. We had to find him. This is what went on that's all. Those letters are for <hes> so i think rosenhaus kind of knew he probably explai- tube and there i'm positive on some level even though no it's illegal according to the rules of the n._f._l. Under the c._b._a. I'm positive that rosenhaus was talking to other teams and saying if this happens if the contract is voided if for run out what is the market and i'm sure he knew what it was and so like. Did he know those things. I don't. I'm sure he did was explicitly laid out by the raiders. I'm i'm not sure about how that worked but <hes> i'm sure he knew exactly what the situation was yeah so in other words. He knew the patriots were looking at him and that he could play there. Air instead of explicitly said i'm sure he knew what the market was. When you think of maybe this is like a wild theory and so. I got on tin foil hat. You're so picture that all of us but if <hes> excuse me antonio brown got to the raiders he was happy happy for a little while then started practicing with these guys right maybe gets the training camp and he's like what they're not going to be very good and then he's just decides besides you know what bleep this. I'm just going to act ugly. I'm gonna throw crap all over the walls until i'm just going to keep doing it. Even though you tell me to stop even though you tell me you know i'm gonna find you find me on posting on instagram like i'm going to now make it even bigger mess and then he knows that he enforce himself out because he knows that there's maybe a winner. That will be there for him. I think that it's not out of their own with possibility as i now take my tinfoil hat off and put my reporter reporter hat right back on that. This is something that could have happened because when it's five hours after somebody releases you that you are with defending super bowl champions. There's maybe somebody should look into that right. I mean i think i went once the further with my tin foil will happen i tweeted and it was more of a joke but <hes> as as everything in my life does it relates to seinfeld but there was there was an episode of seinfeld where the mets wanted to hire george costanza away from the yankees and they couldn't just hire him because it would be tampering and they wouldn't be able to go hire them away from team so they told him to do everything he could to get fired from the yankees. He started dragging the world series trophy around he was wearing babe ruth pants from the yankee museum. <hes> everything do get fired so that the mets would be able to hire him like in my mind. Bella check like a go create chaos out there. We need to bring you in. That's the only way we can get you and that's again a complete and total conspiracy. Uh but i like to think that it's true. Let's talk about some of the possible reaction and we can expect here from the raiders because i wanna in a hypothesize what derek carr might say about antonio brown's tweet of bumper cars meaning. He and his brother david had been doing some conversation about antonio brown. That's what i interpreted that tweet demean. I can't imagine it would mean anything else so cars generally very nice well-spoken guy in front of the media very even temperament. Do we expect any crazy reaction from him. Certainly not i mean he's a quarterback right and quarterbacks are always is going to be measured in what they say. Now i do sort of wish that we have been hearing directly from derek carr instead of through really an intermediary as his brother on n._f._l. Network right. I think especially because derek carr was in the locker room today and we were told as he came back in that he was not going to be talking and and that's fine. He certainly has that right and he's a quarterback. He speaks one time a week but i just think it would have been nice to hear directly from derek carr car <hes> since you know he had been nothing but supportive i totally respect dirk are not talking but i think that you know it just it just would have been nice to hear from the quarterback in that particular situation and he doesn't have to but he could've essentially descending out press releases. I mean through his approach. That's what he's doing in. They're not it's not it's not like they're being secretive about it. I think that's that's the one thing i'll say about this is like if it was just some secret that if it was some random person in the media and derek carr was feeding things to get it out there and not talking to the media locally but hey i'm gonna feed this to whoever you you know whatever national reporter and it's coming out saying oh source close to the team said like that would be a little bit different to me than in this case. It's basically his brother going on tv serving mrs mouthpiece and saying explicitly. I talked to derrick this morning. Here is what he said. I think they're being pretty open about it. It just it clearly rubbed antonio radio brown the wrong way and you know we saw the other day he unfolded the raiders and derek carr on instagram and then reformed the raiders but not car like that was pretty telling of where they are have a check dam sure he unveiled the raiders as well now he did. Yes yeah <hes> but you know. I think that was incredibly telling that when he did follow the raiders he did not re follow derek carr. You know i it was pretty clear that that relationship was was heading in the wrong way. Even though derek carr continued to say how close they were and how they've played well after field and here's the other thing it listen it's part of the job we understand but how many times jon gruden was asked how many times micmac was asked just how many times derek carr was asked about the distractions in about everything that's going on and how many times they basically said. You're inventing this you guys the media are inventing the story story. No no weren't by the way to the same thing to the readers out there to the fans out there like these things are not invented. There's a reason isn't that story. Lines are storylines. This was something that was going on and it was bubbling over all the time and it was distracting the team. It was bothering the team. It certainly had been an issue for a while and now it just has has reached that point where they couldn't deal with it anymore but i think it would absolutely not be surprising if it was something that tonio earlier brown was like i need to do this i need to get out and this is my way out and the other thing is it wasn't blown out of proportion either. That's the that's the phrase that like gets on my nerves a little bit. <hes> men like all these things you're saying. They were blown out of proportion. It's blown out of proportion. He's just a wide receivers blown out of proportion. Friggin von miller said that on on a conference call the other day no. It's not blown out of proportion when you're yelling at g._m. In practice right you're posting your fines on instagram. When you ask on instagram to be released win. You recorded your ahead coach with a stencil your head coach with the conversation. Put it on a two minute youtube video in a two party consent state. I don't really think any of these things are being blown out of proportion so i love what jonathan abram had to say on twitter and he put this out just about a little over an hour ago he says in today's world the worst drug there is called attention

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