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We're learning more about the moments leading up to the apparent suicide of convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey up steam it in New York federal lock up a law enforcement source telling The New York Times yep Steen was alone in his cell the night of his death after is celebrated been transferred we get more from ABC's Erin to Turkey Jeffrey Epstein was no longer on suicide watch but he was in the special housing unit at MCC Manhattan that's a high security area and normally inmates are supposed to be checked every thirty minutes ABC news has learned and Steve was not checked every thirty minutes that protocol for some reason was not followed that's now part of the investigation led by the FBI and by the department of justice inspector general Aron Kader ski ABC news New York a person familiar with the Manhattan jail says it was so short staffed on abstains last night alive one guard in the unit was working a fifth straight day of overtime another guard in the unit was working mandatory overtime The New York Times citing an anonymous law enforcement source in reporting the guards failed to make the mandatory thirty minute checks on abstained wealthier

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