Pennsylvania sues Purdue Pharma's Sackler family


Transylvania's Attorney General is now going after the family that owns Purdue pharma the company that makes oxycontin gosh bureau is suing the Sackler's because he says a tentative settlement announced yesterday does not go far enough to address their role in the opioid crisis he went to Houston Jimenez reports in a statement Shapiro says he's suing the Sackler's because certain family members are quote personally liable for the devastation of the opioid crisis Drexel professor of law and public health doctor Robert fields as earlier this year Massachusetts was the first state to sue the family but Shapiro could start a trend it is likely that if Pennsylvania at. is able to lead a path towards finding personal liability for the family that other states will join as well Purdue pharma announced a tentative deal to settle lawsuits with states counties and municipalities for twelve billion dollars yesterday as part of that potential agreement the Sackler's would pay four and a half billion dollars from their own pockets plus future drug sales well the deal please some officials around the country Shapiro says that wasn't enough Sackler's needed to take responsibility for getting opioids into as many doctors offices pharmacies in homes as possible the Sackler's in a statement maintain they did nothing wrong but a settlement not litigation would help pay for real

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