Trump, Mueller and obstruction of justice


News now let's turn to one of the members of Congress who question Mahler tomorrow California congresswoman Karen bass is a Democrat and serves on the house Judiciary Committee she is also chair of the congressional black caucus and joins us from hell welcome thank you given that he said he won't stray from the public information in the report and the justice department reiterated that warning him yesterday to stick to what's in the report are you actually hoping to elicit new information from Miller tomorrow we we actually are and I think that it was unfortunate what came from the justice department yesterday because that to me I viewed it as just an attempt to intimidate Muller he doesn't even work for the justice department anymore so what was the point what could be the purpose of a memo like that a request in that time I mean he said he wanted guidance from the justice department and the memo said it was in response to his request yes but I do believe that that's where they are coming from and I think the president has been pretty clear about that as well but let me just tell you that I am hoping that he provides a little more context to the report but even if he just confirms what is in the report I think the charges of obstruction of justice are devastating in and of themselves and then our concern has been that the American public probably has not read the report especially because you had Attorney General Barr come out and sent the signal to the American public that there's no reason to read this report because the report completely exonerates the president which is a complete lie this is interesting so what I hear you saying is that even if Miller doesn't go beyond what's in the report there is value just in getting kind of the TV moments where he will reiterate and say on camera what he's already said in writing yeah and I mean I don't see it so much as a TV moment but I do think that the American public needs to hear from his voice what is in this report so I think what you'll find from the Democrats that we will be very disciplined very organized we're clear about what it is we're doing in terms of volume two and obstruction of justice I don't know what my Republican colleagues will do but I won't be surprised to see a little bit of theater coming from their side I just want to be clear because you've referred to volume two if listeners have not read them all the report volume one is about collusion volume two is about obstruction of justice you're gonna be asking about obstruction of justice what specifically are you going to ask Robert Muller well we're going to have a a meeting of judiciary today and will be given our parts as to what we will focus on I will tell you that my particular interest is on hearing what the White House counsel McGann has to say in the report and to have Muller confirm or deny or correct to provide context essentially the White House counsel McCann was told to fire Muller and then he was told to cover it up and so I think that type of information really has not gotten out in the public space and knowing that this is exactly what is in the Muller reporting having him confirm it I do think there's a lot of value to that you said that you do not as of now support an impeachment inquiry into the president is there anything you might hear tomorrow that you think might change your mind I'm hoping that he will provide additional information that might bring better clarity but let me just say that I would love to see the president impeached and I would love to see him the victim if we move toward impeachment I believe that the Democrats all need to be on the same page and at this point in time we have for five committees that are all involved in either investigation or oversight and when that process has been completed when our leadership is on the same page and the committee chairs are on the same page if the decision is to move forward with impeachment I will be there one hundred percent but as of right now I believe this is too early in the process all of us want this to be over I'd like it to be over to but I wanted to be successful do you think that with four or five committees digging into this it's a misplaced focus by the Democrats you know the fact of the matter is the Democrats have been focused on multiple issues unfortunately trump and Muller the investigation has sucked up all the oxygen in is certainly dominating the Airways but if you want to look and see what we did we passed minimum wage we raise the minimum wage for the American public of course it's still has to go through the Senate we have passed gun reform so Democrats are well equipped to do multiple things at the same time congresswoman Karen bass thank you for joining us thank you she's a Democrat from southern California and chair of the congressional black

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