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London, John Lennon And Ringo Starr Paul Mccartney discussed on A Public Affair


Beatles fans of cabin in London to mark exactly fifty years since my comic photo was taken for the cover of the Abbey Road album the picture shows John Lennon walking in step ahead of bandmates Ringo Starr Paul McCartney and George Harrison over the pedestrian crossing outside the Abbey Road recording studios these opens about reports on the eighth of August nineteen sixty nine the four members of the Beatles walked out of the EMI studios which would later renamed abbey road and walked back and forth over the crossing the photographer in McMillan took six quick shots off a century later times the special the special because one launched regions record well we are coming from Mexico and we are excited to be here alone then we like the music today hundreds of fans walked over the crossing to create their own version of one of the best known any cheese in music history the news

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