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California apparently he has some of the arm I guess most progressive red flag laws in the nation and what's being discussed now in what has been proposed by Congress I think the Democrats have a vote on a bill and send it over to you the Senate where Mitch McConnell the Republicans and the rest of the so it will take up in most likely pass which will make it more difficult I guess from a federal level to purchase a gun and ammunition and will also I put some legislation fourth that says Hey you know I mean a let's let's do some background checks basically background checks on anybody trying to purchase a gun California has already kind of gone down that path and we're way ahead of the spectrum as we learned in the law that was passed here in California was basically circumvented by the shooter in Gilroy California because you want to cross the state line to and purchased a weapon there now there are some other red flags to that we will talk about in just a bit but first let's look at California's red flag laws yours report from our very own new states Richard Alan the city of San Diego's red flag law program does the gun violence restraining order here is actually serve as a model throughout the state of California which enacted its own version of the law back in two thousand sixteen and now more states and even federal lawmakers are giving this law a second look hoping to prevent more mass shootings in the wake of the horrific mass shootings in Gilroy el Paso and Dayton there's a growing sense of frustration and need for action Ohio governor Mike DeWine we must do something no one is proposing the so called red flag law for his state which would empower the courts to take firearms temporarily away from those believed to be dangers to themselves or

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