Stephen Jones: Talks Tank Negotiations and Rule Changes


Deck Prescott Ezekiel Elliott and Amari Cooper are all still looking for new deals but unlike Zeke deck. Mari are actually at cowboys cowboys camp here in California. Here is what Steven Jones said about the negotiations. We've got three really good football players that we're dealing with here. We can't push the issue issue unless we want to be a market center and we're damn sure not going to be a market center because of all the things that go with being a Dallas Cowboy we I want to be fair but at the same time we don't want to do things that are out of line because we can't afford to be that way whether it's Dak whether it's Amari whether it's Zeke they all understand Dan. We've got a whole group of young players coming behind them that want to be Dallas cowboys. I WanNa stay here when we save money. It's not saving Jerry and I a dollar. It's just money. That's it's going to go to another player very convinced that we're going to get these deals

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