Tulsi Gabbard: Bashar al-Assad is 'a brutal dictator, just like Saddam Hussein'


Senator Kamel I Harrison representative Tulsi Gabbard continue their criticism of each other as Wednesday night's debate over Harris's record as a prosecutor spilled into Thursday now Harris said as she wasn't surprised by the attacks he did question Gabbard passed though anchoring a meeting with Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad as she called her and Assad apologist Gabbard was questioned about that on CNN well first of all let's talk about what you're addressing here and I I don't dispute anything that you're saying there is a brutal dictator just like Saddam Hussein just like a dolphin Libya the reason that I'm so outspoken on this issue of ending is wasteful regime change wars is because I have seen first hand this high human cost of war and the impact that has on my fellow brothers and sisters in uniform you know Chris I respect you because you spent a lot of time throughout your career shining a light on the challenges that veterans face when they come home I will do anything and everything that I possibly can to stop sending our men and women in uniform into harm's way fighting in these wasteful counterproductive wars Congress woman deserves nothing but respect I'm not disputing that I think it's a leader even but here's what I'm asking even if you put yourself finish let me finish this point because because it's it's a cinch it is central to the question that you're asking I will never apologize to anyone for doing all that I can to prevent more of my brothers and sisters in uniform from being sent into harm's way to fight in these wasteful counterproductive regime change wars even if it means meeting with a brutal dictator focused on that objective keeping the American people safe Harris called Gabbard and assign apologist for her past comments comments including a he's not a threat to the U. S. K. and a call him a war criminal despite his use of gas on his own

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