Mississippi Plant Sets Job Fair After Raid


One of the Mississippi food processing plants caught up in immigration raids this week will be holding a job fair on Monday nearly seven hundred workers at seven plants were arrested in what officials say was the largest immigration raid ever in a single state about three hundred people have been released while they wait for their immigration hearings and peers Greg Allen has been talking to people in one of the town's hit hard by the raids Morton Mississippi Morton is a small town about five thousand people are less according to the census a quarter of the town's residents are Hispanic many work a chicken processing plants in town including retail we see that it's blue white one right there that is Pam okay also has birds at home six parakeets in her ten years working at the largest poultry plant in town cook foods she's done a lot of jobs now she's a knife sharpener who works the midnight shift she wasn't working the day of the raids but went to the plant when she heard about them what she saw upset her the cook food you looked like you know like when you see those shows apocalyptic cars the band did and doors band that's in effect pulled out of their vehicles that didn't even work at cook foods they were just dropping people off for work and they were pulled out of their vehicles just because they were Hispanic at the cook foods plant in Morton a now hiring banner hangs on the fence outside the companies announced a job fair next week to begin replacing workers it lost in the rates at a diner near the plant one longtime employee Alice battle was picking up lunch hamburger and fried okra she said the plants very short handed now and no one is happy about the rates well we all state and we all is because they're like family well the workers picked up in the raids wait for their immigration hearings one unanswered question is what actually taken against the company's some which have a past history of repeatedly hiring undocumented workers no charges have been filed with the US attorney says the investigation is ongoing taking time out from shopping at a local grocery in Morton Michael Thompson said he supported the rates he says for him finding out the nearly seven hundred undocumented immigrants were working at local food plants was at high opener somebody responsible for this because they

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