Trump suggests a 'married' approach to gun control and immigration reform


It happens any time there's a mass shooting there are renewed calls for gun control legislation we are in an exceptional moment because of the duration between these two attacks happening so closely together what's the president saying about about people who are set who were calling for stricter gun laws so with the president is going to make a statement later and we'll hear more from him then but what we have now is that he is tweeting and and what he tweeted is that he believes that he wants Republicans and Democrats he says Republicans and Democrats must come together and get strong background checks then he adds that perhaps this could be married with immigration legislation which is sort of an odd thing to combine because gun gun legislation has been basically impossible to get through as grazing reform as his immigration reform so combine two things that are almost politically impossible at this point and it doesn't necessarily lead to any more actually happening you know after the park lane shooting president trump came out and appeared to support universal background checks and other changes to gun laws in very quickly the White House walked all of that back the alternately the administration did move to ban the bomb stocks which were something that were used in the Las Vegas shooting but in terms of legislation that that just hasn't happened what about from from members of Congress yes so Democrats are calling for the that Mitch McConnell to bring the Senate back out of recess to work on gun control legislation there have been a handful of Republicans who have talked about background checks Democrats support that widely it's already passed the house background check legislation this year and at senator Lindsey Graham who's an ally of the president is calling for a red flag laws or extreme protective orders and the president's daughter of aka trump has now endorsed that as well so him and as a pertains to the el Paso shooting critics are drawing a connection between what the the shooter said in this so called manifesto that he was trying to put off the quote invasion from immigrants from the southern border they're drawing a connection between that and and rhetoric that the president has used in the past right that's right and that just so you can hear the president has frequently called it an invasion when you see these caravans twenty thousand people that's an invasion he said and that was at a rally in Florida earlier this year he said people criticize me for calling it an invasion but it's an invasion and then he went on and and and said this but how do you stop these people okay there's no

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