Dorian evacuees arrive in Florida


Many hurricane survivors are being evacuated by ship to Florida. among them an eighty three year old woman from Massachusetts thing Pat who was there when Dorian struck. words. that is really and then the marine continue hitting them. windows and everything in total darkness so this is how you are holding on to walls half a million power customers in eastern Canada now without electricity thanks to the remnants of hurricane Dorian making landfall last night your Halifax Nova Scotia we went a hundred miles an hour equivalent to a cap to hurricane still though it's now categorized as a post tropical cyclone forecasters expecting Dorian to produce dangerous storm surge in parts of Gulf of Saint Lawrence in Newfoundland as well as Nova Scotia North Carolina spending the weekend cleaning up after Dorian hit the Outer Banks Friday with flooding and power outages two deaths in that state are being blamed on the storm including a man who collapsed while clearing storm debris in the Bahamas officials warning that Dorian death toll expected to spike dramatically with scores of people still missing so far forty three confirmed dead correspondent Patrick often I worry where to go from one disaster to another very quickly when I was out as far as you can go down the one road in the most affected areas here in a town called high rock yesterday I mean the people there. one out of ten houses survived this storm and the people are sexually squatting and then the conditions are awful known as running water no electricity no there's not enough hand sanitizer people can clean themselves every kind of wells

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