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Of you know Dr Pimple Popper from her her youtube channel like you mentioned Carleen got over five million subscribers on there and her instagram has three point five million followers like yeah. I think we should watch video right now Joel. Can you do it. It's okay is the task okay. I've loaded the page for her Youtube Channel. I've sorted the videos by most popular popular still images. I just shock okay so forty. Six million views is this most popular video. It's called dilated pore of winer. The top three are this big dilated pore of winer and so I looked up with that means in dilated pore winer winer is essentially a large solitary open commodore slash blackhead dead skin cells get trapped and help widen the poor and it plugs up the opening putting the expression of this plug squeezes out the mass rated white care and cells from the deeper portion of the poor so these look like pencil eraser size black heads yeah yeah. It looks like there's a spider. Living in there are no joke okay so it's a giant blackhead extracted an eighty five year old accompanied by daughter okay. I've I've clicked on it. I don't know if I can watch us. I don't know if I can watch this. I don't know if I can watch this okay. Oh my God air comes the needle own painful God mcchord. What's okay what what was. What part are needle going into it when eight sweater over the water? It's saving me this. Oh my God there's this this is just the Nina whatever it is just saline local anesthetic. This is one poor honestly feel sick day. Oh you really want to keep going. I've got the sweater over my eyes so I'm just listening watching watching it through the Kashmir. Oh she's about to pop. I can't at one thirty my God. She tried to loosen it up. What is this now to the tool. Is it like Tom Caesar's. I had to look away. You guys all night yet. It's breaking off in pieces of God but it's like dry. Hey it's not bloody visit dirt in God. I just saw came out holy off Hannah. There's the planet okay it's out. It's out winter skin me Carleen. Do you know what one poor God can. Warm came out of there. I'm Oh my God. Did she get along so Dr. Sandra lease rise to fame was really kind of accidental. Yeah she was just posting these kind of random videos on youtube extracting black heads extracting whitehead's Whitehead's and to very little fanfare and we can get the exact media outlet from her bed. I know it went for she went from like five thousand subscribers on Youtube to like eighty thousand subscribers on youtube within one week and then just like the floodgates opened with media requests. That's how TLC found her to get our show Joe. I don't think she had any intention of ever going on television. She's very serious dermatologists. Her father was a terminal yeah. She's got like insane surgical skill skill. She has her own line of skin care which makes all kinds of sense. It's called S. L. MD skin-care by Sandra Lee and the one thing that's really unique about her offering offering is that unlike Dr Dennis Gross Dr Murad Dr Brandt these lines that are at Sephora frankly quite an investment. Her Line is direct to consumer since since twenty seventeen but most recently at target these acne products range in price from twenty five to fifty US dollars so that's quite accessible so in today's as episode you're GonNa find out what really works to get rid of adult hormonal acne the do's and don'ts of extracting milia suspicious elements every single thing. I'm having to do with acne. We are going to do our best to get to in today's episode and I know that you've suffered from acne or soften. The past bombed when you realized realized you couldn't be entirely says so sad very very upset but you and I worked together on these questions and so I yeah like I'm getting all of my questions answered right girl yeah so let's get into it here. She is Dr Pimple Popper right here on breaking beauty podcast so your youtube channel has over a billion views is the rebe three and a half billion views. That's unbelievable crazy. Did you ever imagine action as a dermatologist that this could happen. No I mean if you were told me. The started about almost is five years ago. If you had told me that I would be known as Dr Pimple Popper and that I would have a show and have this reach. That's international cherish. What is what social media makes it I would have said you were insane. I mean that that sounds ridiculous. It's from pimple. Papa Man is what makes it ultimately. Lee Ridiculous you know and a lot of people do struggle with with acne and especially I think at a young age it it's hormonal and all that and have you paid attention. I mean you're more of a scientist for sure. But have you noticed this acne. Positively that's in the air and I pay attention to social media would you. What's your take on that. I think it's wonderful I mean I think that that's part of to what my television show and what I try to do. In My my social media I mean I just just just like last week. I had a big hit on my forehead. It's still still while there's one new one coming apple my gosh. I've been wearing a lot of make us a couple of days. I think that's part of it but but you know I show that I myself as a dermatologist. Get sets and I think that's important to see because you know again. There's a pushback here because we're going to this end of everything being filtered and everybody looking showing their most amazing south and we are all we all do it some extent it starts to weigh on a lot of us in this people who take it very seriously you know they they take it very heavily so it's really nice to bring that back and say you know hey and that's the show does to you know people have these huge. You know one of the things I hear. People say more than anything else how why do these people why why this person wait so long. How could they have walked around with this or or we see people with really pretty common. Skin conditions like psoriasis that takes over your whole body you know or really bad acne so you shouldn't judge by the armor or that you are the skin that you were. I suppose yeah and it's important to show that because in makes us all at least hopefully it helps people feel better about themselves yeah now there is just an absolute slew of products at their for Acne from my own experience. I'm I'm beyond this now but when I was a teenager are the type of acne that I had was right on my chin mainly and sometimes in the crevices of my nose and it just get these giant. Whitehead's like one in her two of them and you know I definitely struggled with that and I found it was embarrassing and I tried to cover them up. They're just worse and for me. I I found that no matter what products I used the only thing that made it go away eventually was when I went on the birth control pill and when I grew out of it in my my hormones changed in your opinion. Are there things you can really do to get rid of acne when it's hormones well. Acne is pretty much. All all the main reason that exists is because of hormones I would say that it's two-part hormones and genetics genetics tied into hormones because he knows the type of skin that you're born with a type of skin that you've been passed down to you so genetics is more if you have really oily complexion if your parents have been more prone to acne. You're more likely going to to be have have acnes well. Hormones has everything to do with acne and that is why we get it primarily while we're teenagers because that's when the hormones are raging the most but also why women tend to get it more so than men throughout their life and it tends to be on a monthly cycle basis because because it's a change in our hormones and that's why medicines that adjust our hormones can help with acne. That's why sometimes people get pregnant pregnant. Their acne clears up more when you are on both birth control or also. There's another product called Al Dactyl or spiritual lockdown which is an aunt has an anti androgen affect. It's a pill that you can take to that also helps to sort of because all of us have testosterone on us is even females and so allow higher level that can certainly cause a more of a breakout actually especially in the Chin area and you're like the mandible distribution so that's why why we have medicines that actually specifically target and they do work well. We're I mean obviously there's so many medications out there and

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