Tropical Storm Barry nears New Orleans, raising flood threat


The big easy bracing for a big storm the mayor of New Orleans says the city got eight inches of rain in three hours yesterday that may have been only a taste of tropical storm Barry it will likely strengthen to a hurricane but whatever its classification the storm poses a major threat to the Gulf coast here's correspondent David Cohen the national hurricane center is forecasting that an area of disturbed weather in the golf will be a hurricane by Friday regardless of what the system because it's still going to produce a copious amounts of rainfall hurricane center director can Graham how much rain forecaster Mike Brannon sixteen inches of rain across much of the the central Gulf coast extending up into the lower Mississippi valley hurricane watches out for most of the Louisiana coast entire state of Louisiana is under a state of emergency meteorologist David Parkinson breaks down how strong the storm could be sixty five two hundred mile an hour winds is what we're looking at but it's not really the winds it's all of this moisture that's over the Gulf it's very warm it's very very clear that we can get a pretty intense storm pretty quickly because all the fuel is there other parts of the Gulf are taking precautions Texas governor Greg Abbott warning some areas of the state could see ten inches of

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