US lawmaker who oversees Puerto Rico calls for governor to resign after arrests on corruption charges


Porter Rico's government is in crisis yesterday federal prosecutors filed corruption charges against two former top officials in the administration of governor Ricardo Rosales now people are calling on the governor to resign one of them is the U. S. congressman charged with overseeing Porter Rico and peers Adrian Florida reports the charges come at a very politically sensitive time for the island's government the charges were filed against but but because former education secretary Julia Kelleher and until we let my data former head of the islands health insurance administration both women recently resigned their posts amid talk of ongoing federal probes the indictment announced Wednesday accuses them of improperly steering contracts to private companies run by politically connected contractors or in the case of the education secretary personal friends the US attorney for Porter Rico press and media that he has spoke at a press conference in sun Quan I'm basket air ERP Amadeo separately Charlie disappointed Europe yeah almost half price the I. Haiti CF therefore door vehicle both tell her and I mean I might it'll took advantage of their privileged positions is agency chief lobbyist said they'd be fried in the US and Puerto Rican government in a scheme surpassing fifteen point five million dollars for the biggest said neither woman personally benefited from the schemes but the contractors who were also charged did well governor Ricardo to say you know it was not directly implicated the charges so rocked his administration that he cut short a European vacation and flew home that would be kind of a the Arizona congressman who chairs the committee that oversees what political called on the governor to resign indictments were such a big deal because they fly in the face of the squeaky clean image the governor say your has been trying to project for his administration partly because he wants Porter Rico to become a state but especially because president Donald Trump has repeatedly accused island officials of being corrupt as a way to justify withholding disaster covering money the island still needs to rebuild from hurricane Maria liquor trail Phillips Cordova is a professor at the university of put the recall and a political analyst and he says the corruption is terrible but as sad as it is reportedly because image it's also a reality one of the zip code where you're so that will go over with all right at the wonderful thing about how are you getting to have them ready so no one is proud of the corruption god blesses is demoralized Porter Ricans but many people on the island said they were not surprised by the charges that's because faced with a dismal economy and budget cuts that have slashed basic services the government has been hiring private companies to administer things like healthcare like education and schools good article or at a party to get them at the lonely alternate will get the collateral to resume we'll see if the privatizing public services introduces the profit motive could blesses which makes it easier for corruption

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