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Jim Belton, Jim Bowden And Baseball discussed on Radio From Hell


He was one of a kind an original he will be missed former Yankees pitcher Jim Belton has died at the age of eighty Jim Bowden a picture of modesty treatment was celebrated iconoclast who left a lasting mark on baseball as the author of bowl for a raunchy shrewd irreverent and best selling players diary the tainted the games wholesome image he died on Wednesday at his home in the Berkshires in Massachusetts he was eighty years old even if you don't follow baseball I so for some reason somebody handed me a copy once a ball for and I read it it's hilarious and the ideas and he names names he played with he played with Maris and mantle he said Mickey mantle was drunk or hungover every time he came to bat yeah he talked about a better that way Mountbatten was blackballed among baseball for years after they hated him because he because he because he named names did you make a movie about it and it it it it it made it a shortlist sitcom he was on it too for life it may elect to five episodes anyway it's if you ever get a chance if you ever just you know pick it up and read it some time even if you don't like baseball it's a funny funny and kind of kind of their Revver I mean very irreverent book he talks about Elston Howard the catcher for the Yankees swapping wives with another player and on it goes on and on and none of the players are faithful to their wives on the road you know all the ins including him bounces including me I

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