Baseball, Redskins And Boston discussed on UFC Unfiltered with Jim Norton and Matt Serra


Car like he can just about any sport huge boston sports got to yes and anything they talked about they could talk about with authority but do you love fighting or do you love baseball or which you know. I couldn't do it if i didn't have any interest in it. No agreed agreed agreed enemies the only one where i really like really get in and know every character every story line like know everything about it know everything about the game. Have you lost interest in. I love football. I loved baseball and i've kind of lost interest. Since i started watching you have seen i definitely have since i started like especially since i started blogging it where it starts taking taking priority over things but i'm a huge yankee fan huge ranger fan so it's like i go hockey baseball and then everything else. I'm a redskins fan so i don't know don't ask it's been rough and next van which as you know is the same thing

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