Can Ben Simmons Be Saved From Philly?


You may remember our guest here from page to espn's page to. bill simmons. Now has his own podcast. Yeah and each walk into this now but soviet i actually i wanted to talk about ben simmons. 'cause i'm doing football the next couple of pods on my pod and i just have like a twenty minute. Ben simmons conversation me that might you know expire a. I don't know what the time sensitivity is on it. Who knows something happened over the weekend. But i'm just so fascinated by this story. And i don't even remember if it has a payroll and recent mba history again. That's where you always. I think kind of lap the rest of the historical perspective of like. Hey this is happening. It's newsy we've got all these tidbits rumors that we're going to get to and in who's in charge of the steel but historically what we're talking about with somebody this young this many years left on the deal and basically saying hey you guys think i suck anyway. So what's the point. And then the threatening holdout thing which i had heard about about a month ago. Yeah it was met with kind of indifference like all right. Go ahead hold out man But we don't know so why don't you take it in any direction. You think the headline part of this story is right now. The headline part of the story. Is i think both sides have a right to just want to move on from this right and i think everybody else unfortunately knows that for the two sides but you have this starts when they try to trade him for harden you know and you could make simmons the bad guy you can make clutch the bad guy. There's all kinds of takes. You can do with this but it starts when they try to trade him for harden and when you try to trade somebody you go down the road you actually think you got him which i think both of us had until that day that harden was going affiliate was the rap and simmons knows all this so it starts there. Then you have this kind of embiid's team it's embiid city. He's always resident in that city. More than simmons says she had that piece to you whether those guys get along or not. I don't even think that really matters for

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