Who Are the Taliban's Leaders and Its Rank-and-File?


The taliban took back control of afghanistan. There's been a lot of waiting wondering and worrying about how they will rule the country but we wanted to go bit more granular and ask who makes up the taliban today. It's not a simple question and we don't expect a simple answer. I'm lead hucker is going to take a stab at it. He's the editor of the afghan. I an independent media outlet and he's based in london. I'm eddie first. Question is about the person who's been named the head of the taliban led afghan government will abdelghani. Dr who is he well. He is from southern upon istana and he essentially cut his teeth in the outgun political battlefield during the soviet invasion and occupation he partook in was called the soviet jihad and obviously after the withdrawal of the soviet forces and the collapse of the puppet communist government we saw a surge in infighting amongst the mujahedeen and in one thousand nine hundred four essentially. What were a group of virginia dean. Commanders leaders and southern onto stone got together and formed a political organization called the taliban and now the taliban means literally students and as a social educational network existed for centuries in the south of the country from which malabo that is from. But this was the first time they became a political organization so malabo brought is essentially for all intents and purposes a co founder of. That's audubon a veteran. I wanna move to the rank and file members of the taliban who are they in terms of background education. Where they're from the rank and file it's difficult to sort of characterize them as a monolith however the way in which we could essentially characterize them as generally rural religiously educated so they are literally can read and they can write and generally very young. So almost you know. In that mid-twenties most of them don't remember the toddler bonds previous government in late nineteen ninety s rather their only real remembered experiences of living off the two thousand guantanamo

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