How Connected Living Is Retrofitting Senior Living Spaces With Voice Technology


For us, there's kind of two approaches to voice. One is just the ability to talk to a personal assistant. But then the second side is more of that smart home experience. So we are at the forefront of many different retrofits right now in the healthcare space where we're fitting entire senior living either new builds or remodels with smart devices. So this is actually an example of one of our leading clients. This is inspire and Manhattan. This is a 215 unit building, 350 plus $1 million. And we were retrofitted every piece of this building with voice technology to make it more easy to use for the incoming incoming seniors. So what are we talking about? We're talking about obviously a hub device like an Alexa, but we're talking light switches by voice, thermostats by voice, blinds by voice, TVs, you know, utilizing voice, and so on. So there's this whole approach that we can bring, you know, to new communities and the new seniors who are moving in since now one on a two people who move into a community are using a smart device at least three times per day. So there's kind of this first avenue, which is just how can I leverage any information I need about through a personal assistant, which is our approach then the smart home and then as sanjiv will start to look into now is how can we go from a stationary voice product to an autonomous voice product. So we've helped build and deploy over 250 autonomous robots into the

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