Ida Aftermath: Power Outages in Louisiana, Mississippi Persist


A more immediate crisis unfolding in louisiana and parts of mississippi lily before we talk about bringing power back to new orleans. Tell us what happened. So in the situation with hurricane ida what i've heard repeatedly is just that the winds were really strong instantly. You know hurricane katrina comes to everyone's minds and in this case the levees flood gates pumps the all the systems that you know. The federal government and louisiana have spent billions on over the past sixteen years Those were very successful at keeping the water out of new orleans and in the city itself. There wasn't that sort of mass flooding issue but the winds in hurricane ida were noticeably. Very strong and they caused a lot of electrical infrastructure issues This massive tower that holds crucial transmission lines that survived katrina. Actually and sort of memorably was still standing after hurricane katrina. That tower collapsed during ida Sending equipment into the mississippi river in fact all eight of the major transmission lines into the city of new orleans. are down because of various issues that crews are still trying to figure out right. You know right now. And all of that is sort of combining to produce this mass blackout

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