Megyn Kelly Hits Back After Being Labeled ‘Anti-Vax’


Meghan i wanna do something. Now i regret doing. I've always liked david from. He used to be a fairly nice and influential person. he's been disintermediated from influence by donald trump. because he went crazy. I mean literally whatnot. Now you and i both have trump tattoos and so i can show them off. I can probably stand up with those people who line up in the media who've been assaulted by donald trump verbally lived to talk about it and laugh it off. David was kind of knocked off the balance beam. He's attacked you. This week is being an anti vaccine. I think you actually support vaccines like i do. I get my booster tomorrow. I'm going to Applaud when my grandchildren get back today because their mother has done a study of it and they're safe and qualified for and two of the three of them will be eligible for it. Why is david from attacking. You wrongfully liable ously. Really as an anti dr. Which carried almost slander per se business. It's kind of amusing to me. I'm definitely not an antibac- so i've said repeatedly that i'm provex vaccine. I've gotten it. My husband's gotten it. and i. i think everyone who wanted should get it. But i don't like these mandates. And i really don't like them for children and i've said publicly. I have three kids. Not one of whom is yet eligible for the vaccine. But i did lose my dad to a heart attack at age forty five and i have a heart issue and i worry about my children and their hearts because they've got a genetic predisposition to some frailty there so i'm watching the myocarditis thing very carefully and this should be a decision between their pediatrician. My husband and me and it shouldn't be forced on them. By joe biden or anybody else dr algae and there's a reason that the folks in europe have made a different decision. Our friends in the uk are not requiring twelve to fifteen year olds to get this and even when they get to be older. Sixteen they're only requiring one shot which is all the myocarditis seems to be happening after the second shot. Okay so these are the considerations but people don't consider insane our friends across the pond

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