Equity for Developers With Aaron Kahn


You can imagine from my desk you know. Talking to engineers receive offers equity is typically offered. And there's so many questions they've received over the fifteen years running mirror cell. Really excited to meet you here. Aaron and kinda hopefully enlighten our listeners. A little bit with some of your knowledge. This is great. Likewise i think equity is the best kept secret that everybody knows about an attack and so i think chatting some light on the details is going to be really exciting terrific. All right we're gonna kick it off with the easy one for you would love to get your outlook on the economy. And how things are shaping up. So i actually feel pretty optimistic about it. Twenty twenty was a little bit harry. We had what two of the worst trading days since the great depression in three of the best and you bring are having this conversation a couple of weeks ago and it's just so crazy that all of that volatility resulted in a pretty extraordinary year. I think the economy has figured out how to operate in a covert worlds and i attribute that almost exclusively to the fact that we're globalized and the fact that technology has been the life support for our global economy. So i feel good about it. There's a lot to be worried about. There's lots of uneasy about. But generally i feel optimistic. Excellence yeah as do. I in a lot of folks i talk to. I would be curious how you feel that. The current labor shortages are affecting the economy. So that such an interesting question. And you know. It's i feel like it's a very specific. One labor shortages in dining and tourism are having a much different impact than labor shortages in attacker medicine. For example i feel like technology and medicine are in a position. To almost avert the labor shortages there are levers in place to get around the shortages and increase the capacity of the existing workforce whereas you know in tourism and restaurants for example. You can only carry so many trays their help. So many people to their rooms. That's really scary. So i'm curious to see what's going to come up that. And how in america specifically the stimulus checks are going to continue and ed needle really impact. The desire for people's get back into the workforce is obviously it's a risk versus reward dynamic where the workplace and the pay stands right now for a lot of people that's just not worth it

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