Prophetic Pastor Chris Reed's Message to Those Who Are Skeptical of Prophetic Ministry


When we talk about the prophetic ministry again. I'm thinking of people who are skeptical of this skeptical of this. There are plenty people Christians who are adamantly opposed to this they would actually say this is counterfeit. They would say this is demonic What what do you. How do you respond to those people. Because obviously many spiritual experiences can be. Demonic can be counterfeit What do you say to people who think that all of these experiences are counterfeit and to be avoided. Well i would say two things first number one. I completely understand why anyone would be skeptical. I really do especially in the days of the technology and information available online. Those you know to some degree. Those things are available. I i understand why someone would feel skeptical number one number two when jesus would minister in the gospels. A lot of times after he would leave performing a miracle. Prophesying someone whatever might be changing their life. People would leave saying strange things happen here today. It actually recorded that way in the bible that people would say that and so when the religious mind affairs. See the scribes when they if they weren't accusing him of staging this. They were accusing him of it being demonic in origin and so you know any type of supernatural activity that we see biblical times or even after You know you hear about joan of arc in different people in in history that if it wasn't fake where they were trying to disprove it. It was of the devil and so i understand. Why but it's here's the thing in. This is what. I've said many times when people have these prophetic words that activates something in their life as an agent of change or they are demonstrably healed or things are shared to build their faith. That could not be known by internet research or could not be known by an investigator. Those are the things that convince vent people To to help them to understand that this has to be something to

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