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I series rethinking sport with ports global strategy consultancy dedicated to sport and physical activity today. We're talking about government regulation of football with our guests. Rick perry the champion of the efl. An atom packer. From porter's rick. Perry is the former chief of liverpool the original see of the premier league and a board member of new york cosmos. He was recruited from his position. A senior management consultant with the leading uk firm ernst and young in one thousand nine hundred ninety one to assist in planning the new premier league and was appointed chief executive in february ninety ninety-two. The competition was officially ratified to seven days. Later by the fa allowing jerry to proceed with negotiations for a television deal which was eventually awarded to be sky. Be and the bbc for a then record bid three hundred four million pounds of five years. The context of this conversation is the recent review of english. Football carried out by tracey crouch mp former sports minister and our previous guest unofficial partner. Her review was set up following the failure of the super league. Which featured six premium league's leading teams you. Uk coach secretary all of doubt announced. He had no choice but to move quickly and launch. The government's manifesto. Commitment of a fan led review review. He said we'll be wide ranging in nature amel examined the potential for changes to ownership models governance. How finance flows through the game and how to give supporters greater say in the running of football. The launch of the fan led review comes following a number of high profile collapses in recent years including barry for your club that went into administration last year after being expelled from the football league. In twenty nine teen. So a lot to talk about. If you like the podcasts you'll love the unofficial partner. Newsletter that goes direct to the inbox of thousands of senior executives across the global sports business every thursday to join them sign up by unofficial partner dot com Just generally before we get to the specifics about the sort of impulse for regulation not just within football but you know adam we might talk across spoil it. Is it something that comes in and out of fashion is. Is there a context to people wanting a regulator because there is a sort of aspiration within that the there's a desire for control and sort of Everything will be. Okay if we have a regulator so before we get to. The tracey crouch review about football. What do you think about regulation more. Generally so i'm one hundred percent in favor of good governance without any question and i think spoil Has to improve. I think there there are lots of examples of good governance. There are lots of examples are poor governance. And i think there is has been maybe a tendency in spoil to good. Governance is a hindrance. It would you back impasse performance. I would argue the complete opposite. I argue that governance is a virtue. It's a strength and you will succeed in the long term if you build on. A platform of governance are completely believe in transparency. Boy is generally very bad on transparency. Unfamiliar transparencies caja governance. Because if you do everything in the open listen you. Don't get everything right. You might make some bad decisions. You might get things wrong but if you don't get the open than you know at least you can hold your hands up inside. Look this is what we did. That's why we did it. Maybe there was a different way. We could have done things. We're not going to hide. We're gonna do everything in the a transparency. I think is really important accepting accountability. I think he's really important. The best governance structures of the simplist maitland ribs rightful. Whatever every very simple leah consistent decision making process governance transparency counter-bid eight consistency simplicity. You got those principles rights and you go to rome this knee-jerk into the moment. We need a regulator. Nobody's actually took related. Y overwatch they're actually going to do all the what is wrong that we can't rights with transparency with accountability with them better decision making processes. So y- y you will run into complications very very quickly. I was having a chat with somebody the other day by banking regulation which works incredibly. Well but i said but there is a difference and he said what's that it will sign a don't actually playing a league.

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