Help Me, Rhonda: Rhonda Buttars' Confession



Dog levels relationship with his ex wife. Ron butters had soured so much. So that on. Sunday may tenth nineteen ninety-two. He told her off in an angry letter. I've done everything i can to be a friend to you. Rhonda i have never bad mouth you behind your back and i have treated you as kind as possible on the phone. You've heard most of this already at the end of the last episode as i said earlier rhonda you win. You don't need to hide behind the answering machine or ask the kids lie or even make up lies yourself. I won't call right or send anything anymore. What you didn't hear was the aftermath days later on wednesday of that same week. We county attorney reed. Richards signed a formal immunity. Agreement for rhonda. This was something south. Ogden police. Sergeant terry carpenter had promised rhonda more than a year earlier. There was in kind of made between the i that immunity would be sought for. You would be no charges filed of inch her say. Your involvement with jewish is that correct and they're condition for motorola provider. Gene the traitor. We wouldn't have any problem and the reaction to that was that she had been shot. But that original verbal agreement had not carried the force of law rhonda heading criminal herself without a signed and sealed immunity agreement. That's really the first solid lead. The we had that she knew and doug and done. We knew he'd done a week. Never prove terry's entire case dependent on rhonda. She had spent months assisting his investigation with no lawyer. No safety net. We got so much information from her that we would never have got her. She had twice worn a wire into the state prison placing immense trust in terry. La dog just look at your track record. They've never been able to meet you. The time had come for terry to reward that trust the formal agreements signed on that day in may of ninety two promised rhonda would receive transactional immunity from charges like the capital murder case. Prosecutors were about to at long last file against her ex husband

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