Time Is up for Eviction Moratorium


Let me hop into something. You spent some time looking at a curiously titled hearing that seemed to have a bias pointed in a certain way about the eviction. Moratorium this idea. That tugs at the heartstrings. Nobody wants anybody thrown out because they can't pay the rent. But what before we get into. What the fate of the eviction moratorium is thirty thousand foot level. At first it made sense a year ago if it ever made sense i don't know how government gets into the relationship between landlords and renters in the first place but give me a eviction moratorium one on one and then we'll go forward with where it all goes. Well you know if you look at the at the economic performance charts from last year. They're not like any other year in american history. I mean the the unemployment rate In april of last year just all of a sudden just goes vertical. i just shoot straight up The economic production rate does exactly the opposite. Just shoot straight down so we knew at the time it was an unprecedented Situation in congress is instinct overall was correct and it was to give people money. This is an extraordinary situation. A lot of people are are being thrown out of their jobs for no fault of their own so just give them money to get through the situation. Of course nobody had any idea. It was gonna last as long as it remember fifteen days to to threaten the curve That was in mid march of twenty Twenty so No one knew how long it was going to last So what happened was reasonable Measures like a renovation because people who had lost their jobs we're gonna have a hard time paying their rents due to reason We're we're called for and the the problem is is that congress became incr- the whole thing became very political congress became very erratic about it

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