Did You Know These Birds Nest Multiple Times a Year?


Centurions are really cool because you know they come through in may with all the other birds they will be singing improper habitat right where they should be right up until it's time to breed and they go north up into minnesota and southern canada and they breed but then they come back here in august and they breathe again and they have a second they have a completely second breeding territory and time in in august here in illinois and wisconsin iowa and so on indiana and then i have read recently and i'll have to double check this. They go down to the south and do it a third time. Oh yeah data really volley in jenny's part of the world that's a pretty common thing in the monsoon like there's a bunch of birds that are known for that you'll go kuku bang one of the one of the more more famous ones but yeah i mean cuckoos are just so weird. That's that's another really great late summer bird because when the when the fall web worms at least where i am. Start coming out and you know late. Summer sometimes the cuckoo's when they start moving south lose. Just stop where. There's an infestation of follwed worms and just have a second brood just randomly and so you'll end up getting these weird. Juvenile fledgling cuckoo's all dark bills. Which as you can see kind of a kind of a species in the in the late summer and the fall and up. But of course they have like little stubby little tales like kuku pits or something but Yeah yeah this another kind of classic late summer breeder that can that can cause problems. Identification problems if you're not if you're not ready for it

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