Mac Jones, Justin Fields Jerseys Among Most Popular in Final Weeks Before Season


Polly has jersey sales in the nfl. You wanna play the best jersey sales in the nfl since august first game. Okay there's five jerseys that have been sold the most in the nfl since august. I can you name any of them. Trevor lawrence nell liar. Nope he was big in april. May june okay. One is dak prescott. No liar some. Don't make sense because you'd think they have the jersey already. Tom brady tom. Brady's third over raid mahomes. his fifth mahomes is fifth. Okay all right. A couple newish quarterbacks new quarterbacks baker mayfield junior the third justin fields is fourth answers sales. Andy dalton is not in the there. Okay number one. Josh allen who makes a lot of sense and number two this guy is surprising starter. A surprising starter. Teddy bridgewater two weeks ago. It would've been a surprising starter now. Everyone says oh. I saw that coming. Mac joe mack jones.

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