A Look at the Early Life of Jimmy Burke Aka Jimmy the Gent

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Let's take a look to see where jimmy burke came from. He was born in the bronx new york so he never strayed too far from his birthplace. Like a guy like by the state up in plattsburg missouri. Why it ever got out of clinton county. He was the illegitimate son to woman named jane. Conway who was a prostitute was actually an immigrant from dublin ireland so he was a real irishman. He was the son of an immigrant directly from ireland. The name of his father was never known. The mother may not even know who the father was at the age of to the social services in new york city took little jimmy conway and put him in the first of many homes and also being some orphan homes or whatever they not enough they're calling orphan homes anymore they call them group living situations more than likely but a large part of his early years was spent in an orphan. Home ran but roman catholic. Church ran by nuns. They'd say that after she gave him up at age two. He never saw her again. Now as with many of these throwaway kids he was in a lot of different places the institutions but a lot of different foster homes. These people take in kids and some of them are good so mark good. They're just doing it for the money and and take a man for Sexual reasons so he would suffer physical and sexual abuse. In some of these different places he had a pivotal event that really shaped life at age. Thirteen again at argue martha foster father while drive a car that the man turned around a smack burke in the back seat. And we've all been there you know. Don't make me reach back there and whack you anyhow when this guy did this. He crashed the car and he died the disease man's widow plane burke and gave him regular beatings until he was actually taken back into social services in place with another family. The next one sometime. After that i don't know if was one directly after that but as sometime after that a family named burke which is worried in with this name berg took him in as a foster child and they had a he would say later. That claim comfortable and safe environment and he loved those people. he lived. daddy's teenage years on rockaway beach close to ocean promenade. You guys it live in new york city and know that you'll know exactly where that is and they never really stray too far from there either. Gone across the bay. Just a little bit said burke would never forget their kindness and for the rest of his life he would visit these foster parents on special occasions and when he started making some money start leaving large amounts of cash unmarked envelopes forum periodically. The burk family had adopted him so he took the family name and koeppen some say that he buried part of the nineteen seventy eight lufthansa heist some of the lute that was never found at the burke house on their property.

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