Biden Pledges 'Full Might' of U.S. For Gulf Hurricane Recovery

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Hurricane ida has made landfall the storm hit southern louisiana as a major category four near port for choung less than a hundred miles south of new orleans on sunday. It cut power across the region including to all of the city of new orleans and parts of southern mississippi and at least one person died due to a hurricane when a tree fell on a home in prairieville louisiana outside baton rouge. Ida's one hundred fifty mile an hour winds when it came to shore tied it for the fifth strongest hurricane to ever hit the. Us mainland early. Monday idaho was a category one hurricane with sustained winds of seventy five miles an hour. Some twelve hours. After i making landfall president joe biden said sunday that the federal government's full strength is behind recovery efforts in the region. Everyone should listen to his structures local and state officials. Just how dangerous this is. Take it seriously. it's not just coasts. Not just novels is north as well. The rainfall is expected to be exceedingly seemingly hot. The people were gulf coast. I want you to know that Trying for the best planning kurd for the worst as soon as the storm passes. We're going to put this. We're going to put the country's full white behind the rescue and recovery before the storm. Louisiana residents like michael told the associated press while filling up gas tanks. What they expected he'll foul with regular windstorm. You know it's just the way it is. You know you have so many trees with pylons and you lose powell a lot and it just have to be prepared. The water is my biggest concern. I don't think it's ever been tough. It's

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