How to Create Great Thought Leadership with Andrew Rogerson


Andrew. Thank you so much for being with us here today. So the first thing i want to ask you about is a Leadership and some people have a really negative reaction to that term. Some people love the the concept of taught leadership they see it as a as a kind of something to be respected on admired. And this kind of it. Somewhere in the middle. I think is where it's really atkin. You talk to us a little bit of bike. What leadership means to you and how you go about creating leadership should to be honest with we could probably spend the next hour talking about definition Leadership whether thought leadership is content marketing or own fits in our view thought leadership is three things it's authoritative it is original and it's insightful. Say it needs to carry song authority. And typically that as evidence led so it needs to be backed by by research of on it needs to be original so it needs to add something to the composition rather than just the noise and it needs to be insightful. I e your clients need to be able to do something with the information that you've given if those three things that then i think we can safely call thought leadership. If it doesn't much doesn't let's visit that. then. I don't think you can okay so so insightful. And able to do so the senior Is what you're saying there. Is it to actually be actionable. Yeah absolutely if you to look at one of the magic changes of thought leadership over the last five ten years five to ten years ago we were much more interested in so leadership around brand awareness and in the very beginning of the funnel. Neither is moving much more towards the middle of the funnel and helping clients solve problems. So decisions undo something useful to absolutely.

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