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Hello and welcome back to the show. My name is null our pao matty's on adventures but will be returning soon. They called me. Ben we're joined as always with our super producer. Paul mission control deck. And most importantly you are you. You are here. That makes this the stuff they don't want you to some of our fellow conspiracy realist. Listen to this show while playing a few of their favorite video games and if you happen to fall into this category don't stop because this this is going to be a perfect episode for you. You might learn some things about the game. You're playing no you know like billions of other people around the world You matt doc. Maybe paul we haven't talked too much about it. Myself are fans of video games. Sure you know. What have you been playing recently. I would certainly consider myself. A fair weather gamer. Like i don't really. I kind of have like a handful of games that i play regularly. That aren't like big haul games than maybe one or two a year that are like big immersive games and i oftentimes get distracted and it takes ages to fit to finish those games. Like i still haven't finished fallout for. I think that game is like four years old at this point. But i love playing like smash grows and Mario kart and things like that. And just like you know for fun. Here and there Yeah and that might be the similar pattern for many people. There are also people who say. I wouldn't really consider myself a video gamer but i love this one app on my phone and i play that pretty much you know whenever i have some idle time there are other people who might say You filthy casuals. I'm ranked champion and starcraft right. This starcraft two. Excuse me and this this idea for this episode came about it was a long time coming but was most recently inspired by a strange news segment. We did a while back where we explored. The chinese government's newest bands not outright bans but limits on gaming in For for younger demographics and what they did essentially was they took rules that some people might have grown up within their own in their own home like parents

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