Who Was Ida B. Wells?

Made of Mettle


In today's episode we will be covering the impassioned the influential the inspiring ida b wells ida. B wells was born ida bell wells on july sixteenth eighteen sixty two in holly springs mississippi. Ida was the eldest. Born to james and lizzie wells. Who had seven other children. All were born in slaved as they lived on a plantation in mississippi whom or members of the confederacy during the civil war in the previous episode. We talked a bit about president. Lincoln's revolutionary decision to issue the emancipation proclamation on january. First eighteen sixty three during the civil war ida in her family were officially freed from slavery as they resided in a confederate state before either was one year old immediately following. The war was the pivotal reconstruction period with a divided territories of the union in the confederacy. Determine how they would begin to come back together as a single nation. Ida's parents were dutiful in diligence supporters of african american rights in particular the right to an education. Ida's father james was directly involved in starting in serving on the board of trustees for school for freed african americans that school rushed. College is still a notable inactive university. Today falling under the umbrella of historically black colleges and universities ida would begin her educational career at this school attending in her early teens. Sadly heartbreaking circumstances would find ida early on in life in eighteen seventy eight while visiting her grandmother. I learned harling news. Ida's mother father in her youngest sibling. Just an infant had passed away from yellow fever. Her parents sudden-death turn ida from a teenager with no children into a parent of six suffering from the grief and loss of one's parents. It would be understandable for a child to shy away in resist taking on a role with such incredible responsibility but did ida shy away from her obligation torture family. Absolutely not

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