Q&A: Should I Share MRR With My Employees?


My co-founder. And i probably be hiring someone in the near future i hire. I was just wondering when you hired in the past. Would you share financial metrics like m. are with employees or. Would you keep that just between you and your co founder is curious to hear what other people do in this situation. It's a good question davis and think the way i would do. It is the way that i did it with drip to be honest if felt weird to me to not share r. m. r. was was our. Kpi right it was the key performance indicator that drove the business and if mara was growing than the business was successful. I'll say. I mean that was the number one. Of course everything flows out of of mr. I wanna be clear. Obviously happy customers happy employees. There's a bunch of stakeholders but just to boil it down to one number to me. It is immoral. Tell so much about your market share about your enterprise value. If you were to sell the company about how much profit you could potentially have all these things so everything flows from our then. It's right like the lower your turn the faster. Mtr is going to grow and without telling let's see my marketers or my customer success people or even my developers where we were it would have felt weird. I think people will likely if they're working for you and they don't know you're probably think it's a lot more than it is and that can sometimes lead issues in terms of why not getting paid more wire. We so stingy with our amazon hosting or why are we paying more for xyz service. Why don't we have better benefits or whatever versus if they start and it's like yeah. We make thirty grand a month and you can do the math here. There's four of us. We're pretty much at break. Even which is in essence. What i would tell every employee i would hire at drip obviously before we were acquired because once we required we were venture backed essence. But i would tell them you know you're going to learn what are monthly recurring revenue is. I'm gonna let you know that we spend all of that every month sometimes more to grow this company so what i was trying to do is level set. You see that number. That's forty grand sixty grand one hundred grand whatever month that is not going into my personal bank account. This business is in essence. A growth business and growth costs money

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