Cities Build Splash Pads to Cool off Residents


With just a bit more than four thousand residents carro is the biggest city in tuscaloosa county. About one hundred miles north of detroit. There's a growing danger from heatwaves in the patchwork of rural communities like this one all across michigan in the state's largest local health department heat related pediatric emergency room visits. Have almost in just the last couple of years. Carro is landlocked surrounded by farms to the north and woods to the south. But today city manager matt lane is ready to get drenched. If you hear blood-curdling screams of just a freezing water touching my skin. That's not it's fine. Lean has traded in his shirt and tie for a swimsuit to try out. The city's new splash pad. He takes a deep breath and steps into the cold spray on a day. When the temperature is pushing ninety degrees he's headed for an oversized bucket about four feet tall. And almost as wide diameter perched on a tower of pipes and bound lane asks the kids playing here where to stand lane says this new public water feature is a way for kids to get out their energy on hot days. Shelly volmer says it's working. She's here with her daughter. And i can't get him to leave. They don't wanna go splash pads like this are popping up in some surprising places in small cities across the northern us. Burlington north dakota rothschild wisconsin and sars l. Minnesota have all recently installed splash pads that perfect summer to have our first year. Lashed has been really hot. Has we that at ninety quite a few days this year nikki sweeter organizes community engagement for sars l. She says those once ray or ninety degree days are more common now than she remembers in an odd twist. It's actually been so hot and dry this summer. That the new splash pad has had to

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