Everything You Need to Know About Qualcomm's aptX


Audio product is able to trance code codex that range from different like varying levels of quality. You have sbc which is sort of like a standard sbc a ac so those are the more or less the standard codex that the bluetooth radio inside of the ear buds and in the smartphone. Or whatever you're connecting it to. We'll be transmitting and receiving all right. So if it's pretty much everything supports that. That's just the way however you get a little bit more into the weeds when she gets something like a pair of sony headphones and they prefer l. d. c. l. deck l. Dak is their version of a higher quality kodak and it is generally cross compatible where you have l. dak and then you put it on pretty much any smartphone and they'll be able to support held back. Yeah then you get into qualcomm codex. It all started with apt x t x apt x supposed to be their version more or less of like what l. deck provided. It was supposed to be something that they would be able to provide and sends they build the bluetooth radios. They can ensure that has a level of quality without you kind of rolling the dice on whether or not the l. Ldc that you using on a smartphone or on a pair of headphones is actually that good. Yeah now that was years ago. Abducts started quite a while ago and since then the s that scavenger hunt. We did two years ago at cs where we look for products that are welcome powered. One of the cheats were if the buds has aptex. That's welcome. Yeah yeah yeah. So anything with abducts then com built the bluetooth radio for it and they made sure that their codex were installed. So they've they've been making things better over time so you have aptex low latency which was what they created for video gaming. So if you're using a smartphone with a qualcomm chipset in it was able to provide high quality yet. Low latency audio to a compatible pair of headphones which then meant it was good for gaming aspects of then came after affects hd rather came out after that an even higher quality of it. But he did not prioritize low latency prioritized higher quality for better enjoyment Optics adaptive was supposed to be able to move among them based upon what media or what you were doing on the smartphone and finally add snapdragon sounded. Then we have aptex loss lewis. This is the kodak that is for the audio files.

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