There’s a Mismatch Between the Expectation and Reality of Happiness

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All know what it's like to want something that will make us happy. Maybe it's a dream vacation or getting a great job on meeting a soulmate. But all too often when we get what we want. Reality turns out to be very different than we expected at. The university of california riverside psychologists sonia loop amir ski explores the mismatch between what we expect will make us happy and what actually makes us happy. We began by talking about a moment when she felt this mismatch in her own life. She was in her thirties about leszek surgery to improve her ice up until then i had really poor vision. I was almost blind. I hated my glasses. And i hated my contact lenses and so i have the surgery. It takes like thirty seconds and then you go from being almost blind to twenty twenty vision. That's really miraculous right. And it was amazing. And i could see my toes in the shower. When i woke up in the morning i could see the alarm clock without searching for my glasses and when of walking the streets you know i could read the street signs. That was amazing to me but it took me about two weeks to get completely used to minute. Twenty twenty vision and then i started taking for granted and it became the new normal for me. I've worn glasses for for many years myself. Sonia and as you're talking about the wonders of of jury. I imagine the moment when i can take off my glasses and be able to see perfectly and of course. That's what i focus on when i think about getting surgery like you did. I'm not thinking of what happens. Two weeks after that exactly and whenever we think about sort of changes in our lives positive and negative. We often think about that moment. It's that moment that i call the news when you when you learned that. Oh my vision is perfect in a or you get that new job. You win the lottery but we don't sort of think about what happens you say and then two weeks to months two after

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