A highlight from BOX363: Tamping It In With A Rod


And joe through talk for a strange. The boozers the unexpected as the bid and wash asleep. You're inside the box oddities. Still smell like lavender. do yes. Thank you for my belated birthday. Present cat set up a day spa experience for us. I went and got a massage. And you got your nails done. Yeah they look great by the way. Thank you but more than how my nails look. I had an incredible experience because like my mind was blown. This is nuts. So natalie was doing my nails and she you know are you knew here. How's your day going blah blah blah and. I was like yeah great. This is the color that i want and thanks for having me today. And and so she gets my nail color already and she sits down and i can see her arms for the first time and she's got a tattoo on her by sap and i said i'm sorry is that does that tattoo say eleven eleven and she said yeah why i just. I could not make words happen. She was like are you all right. We've we've talked about this. How the sequence the number sequence eleven eleven shows up in our life constant and. We're not the only ones that happens to a lot of people we actually named are media company. Eleven eleven because of this but people are telling us all the time that that they see that number sequence as well yeah. She was telling me that her sister sees to to to everywhere and for some reason at certain people seem to have certain numbers popping up in their lives all the time. But eventually i got out i was like hey you know. Our our company names eleven. Eleven and We got engaged on the eleventh and we were married on the eleventh and we had this whole thing with eleven. And she's like oh that's so strange and so we had a pretty deep conversation. It was probably the most metaphysical slash irritable conversation. I've ever had with someone while getting my nails done. Well that's great while you were having a metaphysical spiritual conversation. I was chilling out getting a deep tissue massage. And i'm lying there and the room is dark and i'm getting a massage and i'm incredibly relaxed and i'm trying to find zen place but during the entire massage all the kept going through my head was where fancy like applebee's on a date night dire foam squeaking in the back seat. Why do i torture myself this way. And by the way in my phone will somebody please tell applebee's to stop it. Thank you on the drive down from maine. I played that song. Jg's like was the guy who wrote this just reading off an applebees menu station for it in that song. It just makes me so angry. So i'm going to distract myself by telling you an interesting story. Yes please okay. It was a warm late summer afternoon in eighteen. Forty eight when the horrific accident occurred. It was just outside cavendish vermont on a section of the rutland and burlington railroad. That was being constructed at the time now even though he was only twenty five years old philias gauge full name. Venus gauge was already a foreman and the accident that happened was so violent and so gruesome that fini's coworkers believed beyond a shadow of doubt that he had been killed instantly. Now before i go any further i do wanna give you a trigger warning okay because when i say it's like violent horrific and gruesome. I'm not overstating the situation al. Okay all right now at this time in the mid eighteen hundreds railroads of course we're growing and expanding connecting one chore with the other throughout america. It was interconnecting cities. at an incredible rate. The industrial revolution was in full. Swing at the time. There were plenty of jobs for everyone. Well the jobs didn't pay much in this little or no safety oversight but there were plenty of jobs to because people kept dying making opening. that's exactly right Railroad construction was about as dangerous as it got to at the time and there were a number of reasons for that was the rapid expansion in the invention of new types of machinery. That would help push the construction of the railroad ahead. Much faster sewer and when that started happening then there was this real desire for getting it. Done as quickly as possible speed. They wanted to connect all the cities. There was money to be made and when the new equipment would arrive or the new processes word were demonstrated or introduced into the system. They were not really There was no training really sure they were just anxious to get. These ironhorse is on the trail. That is exactly right now. Famous gauge was a very very well respected railroad form and even though he was considered young by many to be in that position he oversaw the work that involved explosives blasting and rail machinery so pretty dangerous stuff l. Sounds like porn terms. We'll phoenix gauge. Sounds like a porn name feeling like finish. Finish ish gay finished how. 'bout cinnabon finishes heavy gauge. Oh now neither of us are host both suck anyway He was thought of as a very hard working and intelligent guy. he was also pretty handsome. Good looking dude so he would have done well in the industry yes he would have done very well. Philias long gauge still but really none of those attributes helped him on this warm september day age. She a wide. Ge that's a very special type of porn it's best kind vineyards in the men. Were working that we're working under him. We're getting set to blast. Were getting set to blow a big load of rocks away from the wall using explosives. They were setting the blast which means that they had board a deep hole into the back side of this cliff. And then they would insert blasting powder interviews and then they would tampa in with a rod really. It was a big giant rod. It was made of metal. It actually looked like a javelin and they would pack it deep into the rock

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