Senator Marsha Blackburn Rebukes General Mark Milley During Senate Hearing


You have managed to do is to politicize the us military to downgrade our reputation with our allies. Nobody has resigned. Nobody has submitted their resignation. And we've got thousands of people watching this hearing today. That are looking at you. All and saying i can't believe they're sitting there and not answering the questions and are trying to punt a yell back punt the polite word for it. God bless marsha blackburn you while the three people who may have broken the american military that was yesterday during the senate herring with the centcom commander with the secretary of defense and with the most senior military officer in the united states mark milley. Who dodged questions who wouldn't answer the important questions about our surrender in afghanistan and somebody called them out and you know what she has more guts than most of all. The politicians combined on capitol hill was reading. The chiron is that was playing. Is that clip was playing us reading the lowest third of description. And what does it say about marsha blackburn. Yeah that's right perfect eric. It says right there. Marsha blackburn republican tennessee serving in the us senate since oh twenty nine so she's being there for less than two years vats why she has

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