Telling Your Story in Pictures, With Andy Biggs


Wanna talk a little bit about storytelling. And and the the you sort of the missing x-factor in from my my stand plan you know you're sitting in the middle of this stuff you know running nose and we're running trips and you know we'll talk a little bit about your your bank company as well but you're in this world so you know this as well as i do that. A lot of photographers advanced amateurs you know amateurs and maybe even some pros are lacking the storytelling elements in their work in other words. It's here's a shot of a pretty picture. There's a pretty picture with a b pollinating on it you know and that's it. How do we go beyond that. Be to you telling the story you know of that. Be or of that flower. So i don't know how to answer that. Other than i'll just tell you my approach and what i teach people and it might help them. But you know i think one of the biggest challenges that people take photographs literally for the most part they say you know. Let's say you're a sports photographer. There's a picture on the mound and on baseball and he's throwing throw the pitch and people photograph that and it's very literal. it's it's it's It's what's obvious and that's a challenge because it doesn't it just doesn't transcend. It doesn't really tell you what's going on so often what people will do is. They'll take that one photograph that hangs on the wall above the fireplace. And that's really what they're after but sometimes they should consider taking a body of work to illustrate a story. It might be by photographs. That might be fifteen. It might be two hundred. The average coffee table photo book has bad one hundred twenty-five photographs in okay. So just just you have to get that out of you and my idea is that i take photographs of adjectives. Not things so. Photography by definition is the to graphics writing with light but the problem with that is is. It's just that's really all it is. And so i try to use adjectives and what that's done for me is. It keeps my my photography consistent over time. And as i am out in the field taking photographs whether it's two thousand and five two thousand fifteen two thousand twenty. Hopefully those photographs have leads together. So what i do. I have a list of adjectives that are in my mind all of the time. I'm trying to look for photographs. That are positive. Uplifting hopeful regal her roic timeless remote and those are all connected

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