The Importance of Providing Quality Customer Service to Your Patrons



You are doing the car wash. It was called prime car wash. The experience was a prime experience. Like your wife wanted where she could sit down with coffee not felix just to get away from there until they work it out. What else came in with the playbook what made it work The really the the customer service. I mean we. We wanted everybody to come in and feel like they were at a country club so the membership allows us to learn a lot of things about our member base and the other thing great about the member base is the cars. Were always clean so it wasn't like you had to spend a tremendous amount of time cleaning their cars so the rest of the time. You're just giving them white clubs glove service you. We knew their kids names. That was on the computer when they checked in soon as their car came in they were still in the car going through the tunnel but we knew they were going to be coming through the door. So the second andrew walks through the door where like andrew good to see you. You know how we're going so it's really just that personal touch. People were not expecting from a car wash and that does art. Andrew is to to be able to welcome him. Well if you're a member then we scan you as soon as you come in. I got it. And so the scan tells you who who i am and then i guess on the computer system. It says something about me from last time. is that right. That's right that's what you said. you know. The other difference is when you get in some of the great companies chick-fil-a being the first one that comes to mind when you take time to teach a sixteen year old kid what it is to give customer service meaning. We would get them out of the car. Wash like when you're at the car wash your in it and it's kind of the grind of the day and stuff so what we would do. Once we close down or even closed the car wash for a day we would take them. Give them classroom training and it was. We would literally sit them in a classroom and give them the attention that they needed to understand what it is to give what we called aggressive hospitality It's to be over overly Engaged in all customers. That are

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